Dear Friends,

On behalf of our team it is my pleasure to welcome you to our virtual home: New Technology Education Fund - NTEF.

Stimulating sustainable economic growth and creating jobs are common challenges for all countries. Competition in the market is becoming tougher. We think, now it's the right time to reflect on a number of challenges.

Armenia is recognized for its strong emphasis on science and technological development, but efforts to commercialize basic research and scientific achievements have not yet been realized. Today, Armenia is at the crossroads of its past and future: Did we choose the right instruments and technologies? Did our recovery programs have the intended effects? How can we secure lasting and sustainable growth? How do we produce long-term value creation? How can we become more competitive?

Our answer has been and will be: Through education and innovation.

We have all seen that the issue of “education and innovation” has grown into an importance. But we believe it is not only a question of where the new growth should come from or in which specific fields Armenia needs more science, research and development. For us, the key question is also: which growth should we strive for?

This development makes it clear, that education, along with a new and innovative thinking is a must! We can’t turn back the time vehicle. We must look for new opportunities based on education, research and innovation, support the best technology and science talent in Armenia.

Creation of a strong technological triplet: science-education-industry for knowledge-based economy, establishment of demand-driven education schemes and promotion of sustainable and strong supporting mechanisms are critical factors for sustainable development. New functions of communication must be developed at all three levels of the interfaces. Education and science must become more business oriented; institutional systems must be developed with an aim to support innovative processes; industries are to be transformed from the perspective of innovations.

We have to pool together new technologies, knowledge and experience and encourage more public-private partnership. We aim to encourage young people to apply their imagination, passion and creativity to make a difference in the world - stimulate a demand-driven innovation and technology transfer mechanisms, thus supporting the development of startup ecosystems in Armenia.

Great potential lies here in establishing a sustainable and competitive IT industry in Armenia. Armenia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has nurtured considerable growth and potential within the last years. Important activities are targeted to increase the supply and quality of entrepreneurs - generating local, sustainable businesses and jobs; building entrepreneurial networks and connections - growing a locally driven culture of startups and entrepreneurship; rewarding entrepreneurial behavior; increasing diaspora investment flow.

We hope that you are ready to share your success and failures with us for the common good.

We are honored to have this opportunity to present NTEF and how we can combine efforts and cooperate to greatly enhance the quality of techno-life, make our country a world-class science and education hub, promote “Tech made in Armenia” concept and position Armenia on the world's technological map. 

Thank you,

Vahan Chakarian

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