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In today’s technology driven world, computer education had become an inseparable component of any school curriculum. However, despite having good academic records, children from bordering communities miss out professional development opportunities, due to absence of proper computer technologies.

New Technology Education Fund and Technology and Science Dynamics have teamed up to provide 100 Tablet PCs(2 in 1 ) to 100 kids to borderline communities in Armenia to bridge this digital divide.

The Impact

A 2 in 1 Armtab tablet will not only help children in the classroom, but open for them the endless opportunities in the boundless world of knowledge and information. This will enable them to study, design and develop new ideas and new perspectives for better and brighter future in their local communities. Education and access to information will set them free from daily boundaries and leave positive effects on future change-makers’ lives.

Armenia has a leading position among nations with rapidly growing information technology (IT) sector. In 2015, the world was introduced to the first Armenian tablets and smartphones developed and produced in Armenia by Technology & Science Dynamics LLC.  Today, the company remains as the first and only producer of tablets and smartphones in Armenia. The company believes in empowerment of new generation through technologies and supports projects and initiatives targeting children and youth. 

TSD Hardware Manufacturing Plant (HMP) is the first and the only facility in CIS (excluding Russian Federation), Caucasus and Middle East (excluding Israel) region with capabilities to produce various types of electronics.

The opportunity for technology to be a force for innovation, education and change in the developing world has been widely acknowledged, with digital tools now recognized for their positive effects on children's lives across the globe.

You are the changemaker now. By investing in their future, you invest in your safety, you invest in Armenia.

New Technology Education Fund firmly believes that this campaign is a small but important investment in the development of economy of Armenia. The aim of donation is to make technological innovations available for children at borderline communities making them the first users of innovations developed in Armenia

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