Innovations to border regions


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“New Technology Education Fund” (NTEF) launches charity campaign “Innovations to border regions”. All donation will be directed to provide students and pupils living in border regions of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh with EcoPads.


New Technology Education Fund firmly believes that this campaign is a small but important investment in the development of economy of your country. The aim of donation is to make technological innovations available for youth at regions near the borders making them the first users of innovations implemented in Armenia.


 The main goals of our program are:

 -Influence on technological development on Armenia and Artsakh,

-To assist young generation in implementation and development of innovative ideas,

-To give a chance to student in border regions to become the first users of innovations implemented in Armenia,

-Influence on implementing innovative technologies in education,

-To bring one more mission of EcoPad to young generation: to protect the environment and decrease deforestation.


We strongly believe that any kind of contribution can be of high value for lots of students. We are looking forward to your support to bring this project to reality. Please donate and spread the word among your community.



EcoPad is the first Armenian notepad, which can be used several times. The EcօPad package consists of a notepad, a pen, and a mobile application. The records can be cleaned with an erasable pen. Scanned pages can be automatically saved in the user's preferred cloud system, and after the notebook is fully utilized, the records can be erased by heating it with a hairdryer or by placing into a microwave oven. EcoPads for 1st graders are available in Armenian, Russian and English. Pupils can easily write down letters in them, then transfer the notebooks to the 1st graders of the next year.


We believe that when we act together, we change the world. Donate to “Innovations to border regions” Charity to empower change with resources that create sustainable impact.



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