Our Approach

NTEF's priority is to implement educational, scientific, ICT, and high tech related projects and rigorous initiatives, to adopt modern technologies and foster their introduction for the benefit of public interests, to ensure active participation of all parties involved and to generate the idea "Tech made in Armenia."

In this framework the foundation:

  • Cooperates with international scientific, professional, educational, industrial, as well as students’ unions;
  • Organizes congresses, symposiums, conferences, internships and other workshops that contribute to the development of skills, incorporation of ideas, expertise and knowledge of the participants;
  • Supports exchange programs and trips;
  • Collaborates with local and international companies, paying special attention to the activites of startups in technological sphere and the importance of fundamental changes in the IT setor.

Within the framework of its activities NTEF also supports: 

  • Funding of scientific and innovative projects;
  • Supply of specialized software and computer equipment; 
  • Production and distribution of magazines, books, films, videos and applications;
  • Development and preparation of documentaries and scientific films for local and regional k- 12 schools;
  • Organization of consultation services.

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