The Start of «ClimateLaunchpad Armenia 2017» competition

On June 8 the 2-day boot camp of “ClimateLaunchpad Armenia 2017” was launched. This competition of startup business ideas is organized for already 2 years in a row. The purpose of the competition is to turn the clean tech ideas into successful business projects, promoting economic growth and the innovation potectial.


The 2-day boot camp runs by Ron Blumerse – a specialist from Netherlands. The 14 best teams selected by a professional jury represent their business ideas, and they will learn business skills and turn the ideas into viable and competitive business projects.


In frame of his interview to itTrend Ron Blumerse told it is his first visit to Armenia, and he has great expectations.


“I have had a conversation with the last year trainer and he told me that there are really good startups, people and ideas. It’s my first working experience in Armenia and I have great expectations. It is important fora me the way of how the participants will represent their projects. The early stage startups cannot have a success without effective 5-minute pitching even if they offer super technological solutions. During these 2 days I’ll teach them how to deliver their ideas to the world properly. I hope they will fell the growth on their own.


After boot camp the teams will attend 6 intensive coaching sessions in June and July to prepare for the National final competition taking place on September 12. The top 3 startup teams will be selected to participate in the final Europe meeting taking place on October 17-18 in Limassol, Cyprus. The 3 winner startup ideas will get prizes respectively €10,000, €5,000 and €2,500.

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