TSD Games" in Artsakh-2

On June 2nd at 12:00AM, “Technology & Science Dynamics” company and “New Technology Education Fund” organized regular «TSD Games» competition, that took place in 6th basic school of Stepanakert. The initiator of the project is the founder of the organizations, Vahan Chakarian.


The competition was carried out in 3 different platforms (athletic, intellectual and cultural). The main goal of initiative was to foster pupils’ innovative skills, to develop their intellectual abilities and also to bring joy and creativeness into school life.


The participants of the competition were pupils of Stepanakert N 10 Basic School after A. Isahakyan and N 12 Basic School. 7 pupils represented each team and competed in different thematic sections.


Professional jury was formed to determine the results of the competition. Jury members are Gayane Ohanjanyan- Assistant Chief of staff at NKR government, Ruzanna Bazyan- Head of the public education department at “Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of NKR”, Susanna Petrosyan- The president of “Artsakh Youth Development Center” NGO, Malvina Musayelyan- teacher of gymnastics at Stepanakert 6th basic school and Nina Balayan- the president of the Student Scientific Society of Artsakh State University .


«TSD Games» competition was aimed to not determine winners or losers. The only winner was friendship.


At the end of the competition both schools were given certificates of participation and special gifts (Matenik) from the organizers of the game.

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