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The following fields are in the focus area of NTEF: 

New Technology

Information technology has become one of the world's fastest growing and promising sectors and has accelerated changes in all the ways. Technologies invisibly and inadvertently penetrate into almost every family and every aspect of human activity, from agriculture and forestry management up to space environment, policy making, trade and military industry, etc.

And here the foundation’s activity is aimed at the development of the information society through the introduction of innovative technologies. In this regard, the foundation implements programs which are committed to support innovative ideas of youth, experience and knowledge sharing, to create networking platforms, software solutions and hardware development, involve both local, regional and foreign partner organizations, at the same time by establishing cooperative edges with Armenian Diaspora. 




NTEF implements promising scientific projects, fostering the realization of new ideas. The key activities of NTEF in the field include support of new ideas and works, preparation and printing of specialized literature, modernization programs of laboratories, achievement of specific outcomes which can have a significant input in the sphere of modern technologies and science. 

By joining and strengthening the interconnection between Information technology, science and education, NTEF will be able to increase the number of young specialists in these fields, modernize the technical infrastructure and contribute to the growth of innovative processes and scientific researches in the mentioned interdependent areas.




Another target area of the fund is the modernization of education, introduction of the state-of-the-art technologies into the educational system which would result in the overall learning efficiency. In frames of the foundation’s activities different educational programs are being realized with the participation of educational institutions, students and pupils.

Foundation supports and funds projects aimed at expansion of students’ knowledge and professional skills through the application of new technologies and by direct mediation of educational institutions and research centers.



Business ideas

Foundation encourages realization of smart and breakthrough business ideas in the framework of different     projects with the contribution and engagement of different donor organizations and partner companies.

Such kind of an approach is believed to provide quality changes, uncover new startups with brave working   ideas, and bring in best international expertise and knowledge to Armenian companies.


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