Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of NTEF provides strategic advice and recommendations to the management of the Fund. The Board plays an important role in the discussions of issues and projects of major significance initiated by the Fund. NTEF Advisory Board members are highly respected experts, selected to provide a wide range of experience in the respective fields.

Current Board members are:

Emil Tarasyan graduated from Applied Mathematics Department of the Yerevan State University in 1997, the Public Management School in 2001 and completed a post-graduate degree program in the National Academy of Sciences.

Emil Tarasyan is coordinating IT sector implementation policies, with the focus on cooperation with Microsoft on cyber security and “cloud” systems and is developing technology centers in Vanadzor and Kapan cities. 



In 1991, Tigran Jrbashyan graduated from State Engineering University of Armenia with a major in engineering and mechanics. In 1992-1993, he took a post-graduate course in Moscow State Technical University after Bauman in Russia. In July-September 1994, Mr. Jrbashyan participated in the Investment Management Program course at Concordia University, USA. In 1998-2000 he was working upon Ph.D. thesis in the Institute of Economic Research of Armenia to achieve Ph.D. degree in economics in 2000. He is the author of over 130 scientific articles and publications published in local and international magazines and journals.

Tigran Jrbashyan is Partner, Head of Management Advisory Services at Ameria Group of Companies. He has more than 20 years of experience in management, coordination and implementation of large to small scale projects for state, donor and private clients. He is one of the leading experts in Armenia in the fields of strategy development, elaboration of sectorial reform packages, elaboration of legal normative acts and implementation of institutional building activities. Since 2008 Tigran Jrbashyan has been the Development Director at Ameriabank CJSC.


Aram Pakhchanian, who is the director of "Ayb" School and the vice president at ABBYY company, finished the Physics and Mathematics specialized school (Yerevan) and graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Since 1993 Aram Pakhchanian has been working at ABBYY company. He worked as the deputy head of R&D department, then, in 1997 he was the head of corporate projects department, and from 1999 to 2004 he was the vice president of the same department. From 2004 till now he is the vice president of ABBYY and also the project manager of FormReader.

In 2006 Aram Pakhchanian, together with some friends, founded “Ayb” club, which, in its turn, established educational foundation “Ayb”. On July of 2014 he moves to Armenia, to run the school “Ayb”, simultaneously keeping his position of vice president at ABBYY.


From 1998 to 2002 Hayk Harutyunyan studied at Anania Shirakatsi Armenian National Lyceum, from 2002 to 2004-at The Regents School (Thailand), from 2004 to 2007 he studied at The University of Lancaster (UK), in the Faculty of Politics and International Relations, from 2007 to 2009- at the University of Cambridge (UK), in the Faculty of International Relations, and from 2012-2014 he studied at Skolkovo Moscow School of Management.

Hayk Harutyunyan has a great career experience (from 2007 to 2010 he worked at the Ministry of Defence of RA as Bilateral Affairs Officer, from 2010 to 2011 he worked at the staff of the first deputy minister of defence, as a staff officer, in 2011 he was the deputy director at CJSC MetsamorEnergoAtom, from 2012 to 2013 he was the general director at CJSC Armount Group). From August 5th 2014 till now Hayk Harutyunyan is the deputy minister of energy and natural resources of RA.



Armen Harutyunyan graduated from Armenian National Agrarian University and Texas A&M University with the specialization in Finance and Management. He received his MA in Public Administration from RA Public Administration Academy and in International Economic Development at Bristol University.

Currently, Mr. Harutyunyan holds the position of Deputy Minister at the RA Ministry of Agriculture. Previously, he worked as an expert at the USDA Marketing Assistance Program, as Georgian Branch Coordinator of USDA Agricultural Development Program of Georgia, as an economist at Agribusiness and Rural Development Fund, and etc.


In 1998, Robert Harutyunyan graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Bachelor's degree in Finance and Credit). From 2007 to 2010 he studied at the Yerevan State University (Ph.D. in Insurance). He did his master of business administration (MBA) at Swiss Business School.

From 2008 to 2014 Mr. Harutyunyan was the General Director of Armenian Development Agency. In 2015, he became a board member(Minister) of Eurasian Economic Commission.


Garnik Nanagoulian is a former Minister of Industry and Trade and senior diplomat who served as Armenia's Ambassador to Canada as well as Deputy Chief of Mission in the Armenian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Throughout his career, Mr. Nanagoulian developed a keen know-how of nonprofit organizations.

In the diplomatic service and as a member of government, he coordinated a number of humanitarian and technical assistance projects provided by foreign governments and internationals NGOs. Since moving to the U.S.A., he has been a consultant to multinational companies and nonprofit organizations on issues related to the former Soviet Union.


Bagrat Yengibaryan graduated from Mathematics Department of the Yerevan State University in 1992, American University of Armenia, Department of Business Administration MBA in 1994 and earned post-graduate in Mathematics at Armenian National Academy of Sciences in 1998.

Currently, Mr. Yengibaryan is the Director at Enterprise Incubator Foundation, a Business development and incubation agency that supports IT/High-tech companies in Armenia.

Bagrat Yengibaryan assists Armenian IT/Hi-tech firms in a variety of areas, including business development, marketing and promotion, management, accounting and finance; supports start-up creation and local entrepreneurs in building their ideas into successful businesses.



Professor Markarov received his doctorate in Political Science. Currently, he is the Deputy Vice Rector for Scientific Policy and International Cooperation and Head of International Cooperation Office. In addition, Professor Markarov is also the Associate Professor of Political Science of graduate and undergraduate courses at Yerevan State University.

Professor Markarov is the Deputy Vice Rector for Scientific Policy and International Cooperation, Head of International Cooperation Office, Faculty of International Relations - Chair of Political Institutions and Processes at Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Working primarily at Yerevan State University, he is also a member and board member of a number of associations and organizations, such as Political Science Association (Board Member), Eurasian Political Studies Network (member), Central Eurasian Studies Society (Member), etc. 

General-Lieutenant Armen Darbinyan graduated from Yerevan State University in 1973. Starting from 1973 to 1975 he worked at the Scientific and Research Institutes of the Academy of Science of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, taking a tenure at the RA national Security system, in 1975. From 2003 to 2009 he worked as the Deputy Director of the RA National Security Service. Mr. Darbinyan was an Operational Combat Squadron Deputy Commander and an acting commander in chief from 1990 to 1993. He headed combat, operative and public order maintenance actions in the Armenian boarderlines.

He was awarded with the RA Second-Degree Battle Cross and RA Courage Medal.

Major General, Dr. Hayk Kotanjian is a Head of the Institute for National Strategic Studies, MOD, Armenia and Advisor on Defense Security Policy of the Minister of Defense, Armenia. He established: Military Diplomatic System of Armenia with the network of Defense Attaché Offices; American model governmental think tank for strategic studies – the INSS, MOD, Armenia; Academic Journal for Strategic Studies “Working Notebooks”; Doctoral Degrees Conferral Specialized Commission in Political Science (Yerevan); American model Political Science Association of Armenia. In 2006 he became the Academic Supervisor for interagency elaboration of Armenia’s first National Security Strategy as well as the first Armenian Military Doctrine.

From 1998-2002, he held the position of Armenia's first Defense, Army, Air Force and Naval Attaché of the Republic of Armenia to the United States of America and received the Legion of Merit award from the US Government.



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